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Animated and SVG icons in Elementor and addons

The Plus addons - Draw SVG

The Plus Addons

Draw SVG - Animated icons
10% discount

Free 70+ animated SVGs included

200+ Customisation Options
On Hover redraw Feature
Unlimited Possibilities

One Time Draw OR On Hover Draw

Use draw animation on any SVG in elementor
You can draw SVG in Elementor Multiple Ways using multiple options to use from.

Custom Icon Sets

In Elementor Pro you can use SVG icons and your own icon sets

Elementor Pro Custom Icon Sets

WordPress plugins and icons


The Next Generation of the Truly Animated Vector Icons. Elementor plugin support


An innovative tool for managing icons in WordPress. Compatible with Elementor


Animated icons and illustrations.

Popular Elementor addons

You have many pages with addons to check. Almost whatever you need, there´s an addon for that.

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