Get some ideas how to use

Here you can see some examples of what you can do with  the different blobs, or other shapes of course. 
You can change what you want and play around with the svg,s and change colors, backgrounds, CSS filter settings to get a result you like.
You can download this template and use as a starting point if you like.
Take a look at all the blocks for the different svg,s you can download and adjust to what you want

All demo images here are low resolution optimized JPEG, not SVG.

Don´t let the shapes limit your fantasy,

Play with the SVG and see what you can do.
This below is really the image to the right set as background overlay and cover.
You have unlimited options to change and make it look the way you want.


Combine whatever you want

The SVG to the left is the original, and set to background overlay to the right

Combine two SVG,s, one as background and one as background overlay. Your options are unlimited.

22 blocks in this template

Images/illustrations in the demos are not included in the templates you get,
only our placeholders, so use your own images.

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