What is SVG?

Enable SVG support in Elementor

If it´s the first time you´re using SVG files in Elementor you have to enable support for it.
Elementor have an article how to enable SVG support.

To use CSS color filters with our Basic SVG,s you need Elementor Pagebuilder (or another builder that supports CSS filters).
All the other SVG,s works in other pagebuilders, Gutenberg, and other sites not built with WordPress.

Read more about CSS filter and blend modes on Elementor.com

Using Gutenberg or another pagebuilder?
You can use all the SVG files if you enable support for SVG in WordPress.
(But to use the Basic SVG we have, for that you need Elementor, or another builder that supports CSS filters at the moment).

What do I need?

What do I need to use the block templates on my website?

A website made with WordPress.
Elementor plugin installed.
Elementor Pro may be needed for some templates, not all.
If you don´t have Elementor Pro, you can buy it from their site.

How to import block templates?

How do I import a Elementor template on my website?

Elementor have an article you can read  here

Enable SVG support in WordPress

WordPress don´t allow importing SVG,s to the media library for security reasons.
So you must first install a plugin like Safe SVG, or the SVG won´t be imported.
You can use this plugin, or another.
SVG support (WordPress.org)

Support- Can you help me to...

We usally don´t provide any support, How do I… , or make it look like that kind of question?, it is only SVG files and template blocks, and that you must learn to use your self.

But of course, if something is important and specific  to the packs, just get in contact and we try to help you.

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Copy-Paste from one site to another

There are also addons for Elementor you can use for copy/paste between sites.
Useful if you maybe have a site where you have your designs and want to use it on another site.
Like this:
Dynamic content for Elementor, Powerpack, The Plus addons and others.

Images in the demos blocks

The images in the blocks are not included in the templates you get, they have placeholders so you can use your own images/illustrations

Can I change colors of the SVG?

They are fully editable with your favorite vector tool, if you need exact brand colors.

Can I use the Basic SVG with other pagebuilders?

Yes you can use the Basic SVG,s with other builders if they support CSS filter for background images.

Pagebuilders that supports CSS filter for background images.

Brizy Pro. PRO-only feature and in both versions of Brizy (WordPress and Cloud).
Bricksbuilder.io (theme with pagebuilder in it)

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