Basic SVG Overlay Background

In the pack
13 Basic SVG,s
35 blocks for Elementor

All demo images are low resolution optimized JPEG, not SVG.

Basic For Elementor users

250+ colors you can copy/paste from color styles template.

Basic Overlay Transparent backgrounds.

250+ preset colors you can copy/paste from color styles template. Adjusting CSS filter settings for brightness, hue, contrast, and saturation gives different results. So more or less unlimited colors.

13 styles with color examples

These overlay backgrounds are meant to be used with background colors, gradients, CSS filter, so you can adjust them to what you like and want. The result is competely depending on the colors and settings you choose. There are many ready made blocks you can use and adjust.

35 Blocks in the pack

Images/illustrations in the demos are not included in the templates you get,
only our placeholders, so use your own images.